Paradigm™ EZ Switch™

Portal Saver System

Paradigm™ EZ Switch™ Product Overview

Say goodbye to the sleds and switching sticks of rigid, motion-restricting cannulas. 

  • Designed to save time – easily switch portals without sleds or switching sticks.
  • Flexible Design – Allows wide range of motion.
  • Customizable – flexible body length can be easily trimmed to match patient anatomy.
  • Optimal Access – Up to 150mm working length is designed to enable easy access into the joint.
  • Strong Dermal Fixation - 30mm of dual lead threads designed to provide strong dermal fixation.
  1. Videos & Documents


    EZ Switch Sell Sheet

    Paradigm™ System Brochure

    Paradigm EZ Switch Access Kit Brochure

  2. Specifications and Ordering Information
    Paradigm™ EZ Switch™ System
    CAT # pezs01
    Paradigm™ Access Kit and EZ Switch™ Portal Saver System
    CAT # pezs02
    Paradigm™ Tactile Access Kit and EZ Switch™ Portal Saver System
    CAT # pezs03
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    POOYA TEB BARABARAN is Exclusive representation of ConMed corporation in IRAN.

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Pooya Teb Barabaran is an Exclusive Representative of ConMed Corporation in IRAN.