Paradigm™ Retractable Straight Blade and Hook Blade*

Paradigm™ Retractable Straight Blade and Hook Blade Product Overview

  • Designed for safety, the Paradigm Retractable Straight Blade and Hook Blade not only effectively cut the hip capsule, but also features a retractable blunt sheath that protects the articular cartilage and soft tissue from the blade.

    • Straight Blade: Extremely sharp straight blade to “push-cut” through the capsule
    • Hook Blade: Retrograde blade enables effective cutting while providing a soft tissue-protecting blunt tip

    *Not available for sale or distribution.

    The Retractable Straight Blade and Hook Blade are part of CONMED’s Paradigm™ Hip System.

  1. Videos & Documents


    Paradigm™ System Brochure

    Paradigm Retractable Hook Blade Sell Sheet

  2. Specifications and Ordering Information
    Paradigm™ Retractable Blade, Straight
    CAT # prbs
    Paradigm™ Retractable Blade, Hook
    CAT # prbh
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Pooya Teb Barabaran is an Exclusive Representative of ConMed Corporation in IRAN.