Katana™ Flush Cutter

Product Overview

Designed for fast and effective suture cutting, the Katana™ Flush Cutter can cut up to 2 limbs of #2 Hi-Fi Suture, Hi-Fi Ribbon, or Hi-Fi Tape.1,2

Features and Benefits 

  • Effective Cutting - Katana™ Flush Cutter can cut two limbs of #2 Hi-Fi® Suture, Hi-Fi® Ribbon or Hi-Fi® Tape at once.1,2
  • Two Versatile Techniques - To meet surgeon preferences, this cutter can be loaded outside the joint and slid down the suture or inserted into the joint from any portal and then side-loaded to cut the suture.1
  • Flush Cutting - Designed to help eliminate long suture tails, the Katana Flush Cutter provides a clean, flush cut.3,4

4Suture tails range from 0.81mm to 1.32mm in length.

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    Katana™ Flush Cutter
    CAT # gu1009f
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Pooya Teb Barabaran is an Exclusive Representative of ConMed Corporation in IRAN.