Spectrum® Autopass™

Suture Passer

Product Overview

The Spectrum® Autopass Suture Passer is the latest innovation in suture passing for rotator cuff repair. The Suture Passer provides simple, intuitive operation and constant surgeon control. The active window captures and retrieves suture for a simple one-handed pass. It fits down a 5.5mm cannula and is designed to be used with #2 Hi-Fi® suture.
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    Spectrum® AutoPass™ Suture Passer Brochure

  2. Specifications and Ordering Information
    Spectrum Autopass Suture Passer Needle
    CAT # smi-02n
    Spectrum Autopass Suture Passer
    CAT # smi-02ap
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Pooya Teb Barabaran is an Exclusive Representative of ConMed Corporation in IRAN.